Puppy Training Schedule: When and What to Teach Puppies

Puppy Training Schedule: When and What to Teach Puppies

When your puppy is finally home all you want to do is play around with him, love, and cuddle him. But we must not forget the important part that we have to establish a daily schedule for him.

Apart from giving your dog a perfect bowl and toy, remember to make a proper routine and training schedule for him.

So, where should you start? And what should you start with? This article will guide you with some basic puppy training schedule tips.

Puppy Training Schedule: When and What to Teach Puppies

The most important thing is getting into a routine. For this, make a daily schedule for your puppy, so that he will get used to this over time.

Daily Routine

Make him aware of his bed and food bowl location. They need to be fed 2-3 times a day. You can keep his eating schedule same as yours to avoid the time confusion.

Morning: Wake him up around 7:00 – 7:30 am and take him out for a potty trip. After coming home feed him (breakfast time) and provide him with clean water in his bowl.

Mid-Morning: After he is done with breakfast, let him play around for some time while you do your daily chores. Later, hang out with him for some time and take him out for a potty trip once again.

After coming back home let him sleep, as most puppies need 15-16 hours of sleep.

Afternoon: It’s lunchtime now. It depends on you when you want to take your puppy on a potty trip again – before lunch or after lunch. I suggest both. He may need to do his business after a nap and even after his lunch. Frequently taking him out will make him understand that he has to do his business outside the house.

Mid-afternoon: Its nap time again.

Evening: After he wakes up, take him out again for a walk. Later give him his dinner. The evening is the best time to bond with your puppy, play with him, and train him. Take him out for a walk again before taking him to his bed.

Night: Let him play around for some time, then take him to his bed or crate and let him sleep and relax for the day.

Teaching Schedule

2-3 Months Old

Teach him basic words like ‘Good’, ‘No’, ‘Sit’, and most important his name. Make a habit to follow the daily routine properly so that he won’t be confused. Have fixed food and potty time. Train him to play gently and listen to you. And teach him some household rule by using ‘Good’ and ‘No’. Just remember to follow the right tone.

3-4 months Old

Once he is properly trained in the above-mentioned activities, move on to training him with difficult words like ‘Stay’, ‘Lie down’, ‘Drop’, and go to bed when told. Teach him to walk with the leash alongside you and stay inside the house even with the doors open.

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