Top 5 Puppy Training Mistakes Everyone Makes and Should Be Avoided

Top 5 Puppy Training Mistakes Everyone Makes and Should Be Avoided

Once the dog is home, you must immediately begin his training. Start the training by making him familiar with the daily routines, teaching him basic commands, potty training, walking on the leash, and so on.

But all these pieces of training have to be done at the right time and in the right way. So, do you think you are training your dog in the right way?

New puppy parents can make mistakes while training their puppies. This can lead to your puppy misbehaving or not getting trained at all. In order to have a perfectly trained and well-behaved puppy, you must avoid some of the common mistakes.

Puppy Training Mistakes

Top 5 Common Puppy Training Mistakes Everyone Makes

1. Biscuit Training

Biscuit Training is one of the common mistakes that puppy parents make while training the puppy. Basically, biscuit training means giving too many treats as a reward. Rewarding the puppy for his good behavior or obeying you is absolutely correct as this encourages him and he understands what is right.

But you must not reward him with treats every time. Otherwise, the dog will do something only if you have food or he is hungry. Try to add toys, praises, and love as ways of rewarding him.

2. Training For Too Long

Training should be short and sweet. It is better for you and your dog. Puppies tend to get distracted and bored soon. It also becomes difficult for them to learn too much at once.

Long training sessions can be boring for you and your dog. So, keep it short. If your dog doesn’t get something, be patient and try some different method instead of getting frustrated.

3. Mixed Reactions

Don’t confuse your dogs with mixed reactions. Reward him only when he does something good. Don’t mix positive reinforcement with correction-based training. It might confuse him if he is doing something right or not.

If you are teaching him some words then make a habit to use only those words. Don’t switch the words and make sure that everybody in the family is using the same word and same training method.

4. Late Start and Wrong Start

Don’t wait too long before starting puppy training. You may find some of his activities cute in the start and you may let go and take everything lightly. But when he grows up it will be difficult to handle. So, start training as soon as you bring him home.

Look for a perfect time in the day to train your puppy. If he is a bad mood or too excited then he will be distracted constantly and will not be able to learn anything.

5. Inconsistency

Consistency is very important in puppy training. If you teach your puppy something today and then ask him to do it 2-3 months later he will forget it. Puppies forget easily if not taught on a regular basis.

Regular training is very important. If you want the best results then be consistent in training your puppy. Be consistent in your behavior or else your puppy may get confused and can develop bad behavior.

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