How To Train A Puppy: A Puppy Training Guide for New Parents

How To Train A Puppy: A Puppy Training Guide for New Parents

Training a puppy is like raising a child. Puppy Training plays a vital role in his growth and development. The moment you bring your cute little puppy home, you must start the training. Remember, it is never too early to train your puppy.

This article will be your ultimate guide on – How To Train A Puppy?

Puppies are full of energy, and that is why you must take care while training them. One thing you must understand is that your reactions are very much important in training. Being strict with their cuteness is difficult, but it is necessary.

Train a puppy

What and How to Teach Puppies?

Here are 5 things to teach your puppy before it becomes an adult dog.

Knowing Name

The first thing that you must teach your dog is his name. In order to train him anything further, it is very important for him to respond to your calls.

Use a short name for him to understand and learn quickly. Start by calling his name loud and clear enough to grab his attention. Once he reacts to it and comes to you, reward him with love, praise, or tap his head.

Teaching Words

Teach words like Good, No, Sit, Stay and, Come to your puppy. If he is 2-3 months old then start with Good, No and Come.

If your puppy obeys you or does something nice then say ‘Good’ and appreciate him. In this manner, he will understand that what he is doing is good and you are liking it. Use ‘No’ when you want him to stop what he is doing. Use the right tone and stop him from what he is doing. This way he will understand that he is doing something he shouldn’t.

Avoid Jumpings

Puppies are adorable bundles of energy and they tend to jump for the greeting. Do not encourage his jumping behavior though you find him cute. His jumping habit can be scary for some of your neighbors or even harmful for him.

Ignore him when he is jumping. Avoid him completely if he is jumping and following you around. Once he settles down then go and pat his head, praise him and love him. In this way, he will understand that jumping is wrong.

House Training

House training your puppy is a very important part of training. Your puppy must know his daily routine and house rules. Teach him the following daily routines:

  • Where is his bed located and where are the food and water dishes placed
  • What time he will eat and go to bed
  • Where to go for the washroom

Reward Him

All his good behavior must be rewarded. But don’t just reward him with treats or else he will get used obeying only if he wants to eat. Use toys, praises, love as a way to reward him.

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